Other Services

Design and Development

Design & Development coaching will shed light on the 12 steps to effectively develop and launch new products into the market. Development challenges are discussed by an Industry experienced coach and practical solutions given.

Artwork brief and Label Review

Assistance in compiling a complete artwork brief for new products & reviewing compliance of the final label against regulations will ensure your product is retail or export ready. This includes formulating the ingredient listing (incl. QUID) and allergen statements.

Nutritional Analysis

Compiling or reviewing the nutritional table for labels, whether making claims or to ensure label compliance for the export market, guidance is provided on the testing procedure or calculated nutritional testing completed. Interpretation of analysed laboratory results can be done including table formulation thereof.

Food safety culture

Assisting in creating a food safety culture action plan, with measurable food safety related activities. Anonymous food safety culture surveys can be completed either on-line or on-site and can include a comprehensive feedback report which gives valuable insight into the company’s existing culture and identifies possible areas of improvement. Half day food safety culture sessions both with line workers, middle and top management stimulates healthy discussions on the topic and promotes awareness.

Technical Interviews

Technical Interviews can be conducted with potential candidates for positions identified within the Quality Department (e.g. Quality Managers) and Design & Development environment to determine if they have the relevant knowledge & ‘know-how’.

Option 1:

A Consultant will assist in determining technical questions prior to the interview taking into consideration their Job profile.

Option 2:

Facilitating the technical questions identified during the interview with the candidate.