Food Safety Excel offers three types of services:


Internal and gap audits assist the clients to address shortcomings.
We supply detailed reports with photos and recommendations of improvements to add value and enable continuous improvement.


Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) design, implementation and updating. We add value by encouraging a culture of openness and honesty. We are committed to our clients’ progress and believe in establishing long-term relationships with the retainer model we use.

We are available for WhatsApp Coaching too!

training | Workshops

Public, virtual and on-site workshops are presented. These workshops are interactive and are all outcomes-based. Full-colour manuals with easy-to-implement templates and tools are provided.

Virtual Workshops

We also offer Virtual Workshops. If you require these services, please contact us directly for more information on how to arrange this.

Ad Hoc Work

We consider the clients’ needs by offering a variety of ad hoc services such as food safety culture surveys (electronic or facilitated in person), label reviews, nutritional calculations and new product development.