Who We Are

Food Safety Excel staff

We are coaches & facilitators who build relationships and change thinking to unlock potential.‚Äč

We are coaches & facilitators
who build relationships and change thinking
to unlock potential.


We encourage a culture of openness and honesty to ensure that systems are not jeopardized.


We are committed to our clients’ progress and believe in establishing long-term relationships


We believe that harmony between all departments in an organization is critical to success and excellence.

Demona Schnetler

I am accountable, eager to learn and love people. I help people tackle complex problems and do whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals. My passion is to be of service and to strive for excellence in everything I attempt.

Christine Schultz

I am a learner that is focussed on set goals in order to achieve the best possible results whilst relating to people and building strong relationships.

Karin Herholdt

I am creative, disciplined and adaptable to any type of situation. I assist in problem-solving and putting the puzzle pieces together in order to create an understanding of any situation. I strive to simplify and create a sense of order and structure.

Chrisna Viljoen

I am a disciplined and focused individual with passion for people and excellence. I facilitate people to get to the answers themselves in order to reach their full potential.

Kalinka van der Linde

I am a driven and focused person with an appetite for knowledge. I take a lot of satisfaction in being productive, creating structure and to build genuine relationships with individuals to help them achieve their goals.

Our Team

We have comprehensive experience in the food industry ranging from implementation of food safety management systems, facilitation and auditing against a range of national and international standards.

We have PASSION for people and PASSION for excellence at Food Safety Excel and specialize in providing auditing, coaching and training.